Flow Product Inspection and Repair Services

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Inspection and Repair Services in Chicago

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Flow Products, Inc. has over 60 years as a leading hydraulics, pneumatics and electro-mechanical systems expert. Our IFPS (International Fluid Power Society) certified fluid power specialists can provide system designs, troubleshooting, inspection, diagnostics and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The programs we offer have been developed to provide key preventative maintenance services for all your hydraulic needs in order to improve uptime and maximize productivity.

Hydraulic Hose Inspection

One of the major causes of failure in a hydraulic system is the hose. Generally, there is little to no attention given to hydraulic systems and damage or wear may go unnoticed for extended periods, resulting in unexpected downtime.

Common causes of failure include:
• Crushing of the hose
• Fatigue from vibration
• Improper hose routing
• Crimp loosening
• Twisting
• Exceeding rated pressure
• Abrasion & wear
• High heat
• Exceeding bend radius
• Fluid compatibility
• Multi-plane bending
• Exposure to oils & solvents

When the hose fails, the operational impact may include the following:
• Injury to personnel
• Unplanned downtime
• Loss of productivity, schedule impact
• Clean-up costs, disposal & replacement of hydraulic oil
• Hydraulic oil contamination in the system
• Damage to system components: pumps, valves, motors
• Emergency repair costs

Flow Products inspection service will perform a complete review of your entire hydraulic system to identify potential problems and allow for proper planning, maintenance and repair in order to provide a safe work environment, minimize down time and keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.


Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components Repair

Our team of fluid power specialists are trained to troubleshoot and identify component problems. We can rebuild your damaged components or recommend replacements. The process involves a thorough understanding of the problem, a complete disassembly and inspection of the component and a detailed proposal with a recommendation.

We service:
• Pumps, motors
• Control valves
• Manifold assemblies
• Cylinders and actuators
• Hydraulic power units

We provide fast turnaround on the inspection of the components and the generation of the proposal.



Filter System Inspection

Hydraulic filters are used to provide a contaminant free source of oil. This is essential for proper performance and service life of all the hydraulic components such as the metering valves, check valves, solenoid valves, valve manifold assemblies, motors and pumps.

Common sources of oil contamination include:
• Adding hydraulic fluid
• Component wear
• Breather elements
• Improper system sealing
• Actuators (seal wear)

System contamination may result in the following issues:
• Component failure/improper operation
• Internal system leakage/oil by-pass

Selecting the proper filter is key for getting the most out of your system. Factors to consider include:
• System pressure rating
• Flow rating
• Micron rating
• Chemical compatibility
• Filter media type
• Proper filter location

Our fluid power specialist will perform an overall systems review, a filtration systems inspection, provide fluid analysis and submit a detailed proposal with recommendations.