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Our sincere appreciation to our valued customers, current/past employees and business partners for allowing Flow Products to achieve our 70 Year Anniversary.   Your trust and confidence is an honor and continues to inspire us each day.  We will continue to provide the best Products and Services to fully meet our Customers’ Requirement each and every time.  Thank you!


Flow Products celebrating 70 years in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry!

Powerfully Smart Solutions

For over 70 years, Flow Products has been a leading distributor and integrator of pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical products in the Chicago and mid-west region. Our product offerings range from fittings, valves, motors, pumps, actuators, sensors to a full array of custom manifolds and engineered systems – all designed to improve our customer’s productivity.
Focusing on our customer’s business needs.


Proper selection of fittings is essential for a safe and effective operation of any hydraulic or pneumatic system. A full line of fittings available in various sizes and materials such as: brass, steel, stainless steel, high pressure steel and as quick disconnects (QD’s) cover a wide range of applications and conditions.


• Brass

• Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Quick Disconnect (QD’s)

• Adapter

• Rotary Manifolds

• High Pressure

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Hose & Tubing

Fluid conveyance products are offered in a broad range of sizes, materials, configurations and features all designed for specific applications. These range from food grade, Teflon, industrial to high pressure and all available with special features such as wire braiding, protective sleeves, special fittings or bulk reels.


• Pneumatic Hose

• Hydraulic Hose

• Food Grade Hose

• Teflon Hose

• Wire Braiding

• Protective Sleeve

• Bulk Hose

• Clamping Systems

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For applications requiring higher applied forces, hydraulic products meet the challenge. With manual valves, solenoid valves, cylinders and filters, the complete package is available for any application.


• Valves: Directional, Flow, Pressure Control

• Cylinders: Rodless, Mobile, Industrial, ISO, NFPA

• Servo Systems

• Solenoid Valves: Manual, Piloted

• Rotary Actuators

• Accumulators

• Oil Filters

• Hydraulic Oil

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Air cylinders and air prep products can provide an economical means of applying force in a myriad of industrial applications. With cylinders available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel, the products can be fitted to almost any application.


• Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Combo

• Cylinders: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel

• Solenoid Valves: Manual, Piloted

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In today’s demanding manufacturing environment, a full line of top quality instruments ranging from gauges, level sensors, flow meters, to pressure and temperature sensors & transmitters, provide key system feedback for safe and efficient control of the equipment.


• Flow Meters

• Gauges, Sight

• Gauges, Level

• Pressure Guages

• Temperature Transducers/Transmitters

• Thermometers

• Pressure Transducers/Transmitters

• Temperature Sensors

• Pressure Sensors

• Vacuum Switch

• Level Switch

• Level Sensors

• Differential Switch

• Pressure Switch

• Temperature Switch

• Thermocouples/RTD’s

• Thermowells

• Optical Sensors

• Inductive Sensors

• Ultrasonic Sensors

• Fiber Optic Sensors

• 3D Sensors

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From pilot lights, timers, relays, power supplies to electric motors, electric actuators and control panels, the extensive portfolio of products allows for the proper selection of electrical components for any project.


• Motors: AC, DC, Servo, Stepper

• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

• Power Supplies

• Electro-mechanical Actuators

• Control Panels

• Circuit Breakers

• Contactors

• Thermal Overload Relays

• Terminal Blocks

• Relays

• Drives

• Motor Starters

• Timers

• Pilot Lights, LED’s

• Push Button Switches

• Enclosures

• Transformers

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Power Transmissions

Full range of mechanical drives, brakes, clutches, gear motors, gearboxes, reducers, hydraulic motors and pumps. Selected to provide efficient transmission and control of power to industrial systems.


• Brakes, Clutches

• Right Angle Gear Drives and Motors

• Gear Motors

• Gear Drives

• Parallel Gear Drives

• Planetary Gearboxes

• Swing Drives

• Slew Bearings

• Wheel Drives

• Pumps: Gear, Vane, Piston, Hydrostatic

• Motors: Hydraulic, Pneumatic

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Custom Systems

Complete design, assembly and commissioning of hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical system with full instrumentation and controls. Systems include turnkey, skid mount, modular or bench top.


• Power Units: Mobile, Industrial

• Integrated Circuit Manifolds Assemblies

• Pneumatic Valve Manifolds

• Hose Assemblies

• Metal Tube Fabrication (steel, copper, stainless steel)

• Electric Control Panels

• Pneumatic Control Panels

• Hydraulic Filtration Carts

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Safety Products

Our line of sensors and safety systems are an essential part of a complete safety program. They are designed to provide a safe work environment in most manufacturing and assembly operations.


• Safety Light Barriers

• Light Curtains

• Safety Laser Scanners

• Safety Switches

• Proximity Sensors

• Locking Devices

• Safety Relays

• Safety Fence System

• Safety Exhaust Valve CAT3, CAT4

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      • Liquid filling equipment
      • Food pressing equipment
      • Food conveyors/transport systems
      • Confectionary equipment
      • Beverage dispensing equipment
      • Dough mixers


      • Fork truck repairs
      • Conveyors – horizontal, inclined, vertical
      • Transfer gates
      • Booms and lifts
      • Rubber Tire Gantry’s (RTG)


      • Bin Lift Systems
      • Cart Tippers
      • Container Lids
      • Compactors
      • Rear Loaders


      • Air compressors – mobile units
      • Conveyor systems
      • Cement mixing equipment
      • Hopper tilting equipment


      • Pill pressing and forming
      • Liquid packaging and filling
      • Pill dispensing and sorting
      • Bottle and vial filling
      • Imaging systems
      • Adjustable medical tables and chairs


      • Filter presses
      • Commercial washers & dryers
      • Filtration systems
      • Municipal water treatment
      • Storm water screens


      • Cranes
      • Traction / Drive Systems
      • Conveyors
      • Load lifting
      • Earth moving
      • Crushing / material handling
      • Drilling
      • Excavating


      • Coil, round bar handling
      • Roller conveyors and transfer stations
      • Presses, forging equipment
      • Chip conveyors
      • Oil filtration system


      • Pill packaging – blister packs
      • Corrugated box equipment
      • Cartoning equipment
      • Palletizing equipment


      • Diesel Engine Control
      • Rail repair
      • Air brake controls
      • Rail Switching
      • Refrigeration
      • Lift systems
      • Snow Control
      • Dump trucks
      • Suspension Controls

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