Electronic Service Tag. No more guesswork when replacing your cylinder.

Milwaukee Cylinder provides an EST (Electronic Service TagTM) on every H, MH, LH and A-series cylinder that gives you access to every piece of information your maintenance team will need to service or replace your cylinder. Placing one of theser QR Code/NFC tags on or near your cylinder allows your cell phone to be used to access name plate information about your specific cylinder, obtain a quote for that cylinder’s seal kit or even quoting a duplicate cylinder.

  • Reduce pain of finding what cylinder you have (which is necessary to order service parts)
  • Reduce downtime by quick access to the correct service part
  • Use any modern phone to read cylinder nameplate information and understand what service parts to order
  • Includes easy electronic push-button from phone to quote service parts to your email in one business day
  • Works in industrial environments: NFC can read tag, even if the tag is dirty or ink unreadable
  • Easily placed in various accessible locations (On cylinder, machine and nameplate, or in machine’s manual)