Integrated Motors - Part 1

Integrated Motors: Reliable and Compact Design

This 3-part series of papers is presented as an overview to integrated motors.

The goal of the series is to highlight the advantages of integrated motors over multi

component motor designs.

Part 1 – Introduction to an Integrated Motor.

Part 2 – Discussion of the different types of Integrated Motors.

Part 3 – Applications for Integrated Motors.


When designing a system with motion control, reliability and product size are key factors to consider. Having the drive, controller and logic built into the motor housing offers the advantages control engineers are looking for. Additionally, integrated motors are available as Steppers, Closed loop steppers and Servos, further expanding their applications in industry.

Some of the benefits and features of the Integrated Motors are:

  • Reduction in stand-alone components.
  • Smaller control panel.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Fewer connections, less wiring, standard M12 connectors.
  • No radiated noise or special shielding.
  • Discrete I/O or Fieldbus for communication.
  • Reduced installation cost and commissioning.